Real Estate Marketing, Episode 35: Build Your Business Plan, Part 3



Hey Everyone!  It’s Christine George, President of Marketing at Leading Edge Real Estate with offices in Boston, Cambridge and all throughout Greater Boston.  Welcome to Episode 35 of Real Estate Marketing!

It’s part 3 of building your business plan and today we’re going to talk about marketing.  When you building your plan, making sure that you stay top of mind with your customers is super important.  You want to make sure that when they’re ready to buy or sell they’re sure to call YOU! 

First, let’s talk about your sphere.  For most of us in real estate, the bulk of our business comes from our past clients and referrals so the first thing you want to do focus on your sphere.  They’re your warmest and most profitable source of business.  

Here are 2 simple marketing tactics to stay top of mind with your sphere:

  1. eNewsletter – emails are NOT DEAD! Email marketing is STILL the most effective way to reach and convert your clients.  The trick is to make it impactful enough to get people to pay attention AND to take action.  Plan to send out an eNewsletter once/month and make sure you’re including video, market stats and making it personal.  Getting personal increases your likability and builds trust.
  2. Lean into Social Media – I’m a HUGE believer that social media must be critical component of your marketing plan.  Lean into one or two of your favorite social media platforms.  For me it’s Facebook and LinkedIn. Create a content calendar.  Here at Leading Edge, we’ve done the work for you by creating 52 weeks of social media content.  All you have to do cut and post!  Most important, stay consistent!  Posting three-five times/week is optimal.  And if you’re looking for more ways to leverage social media, tune into Katie Lance’s youtube page where you’ll get great tips on how to go deeper and bring your social media to strategy to the next level.

Next, generating new business is really important especially when you’re building a team or you simply want to expand and grow your foundation.  When thinking about new business, it’s more about creating awareness; letting people know who you are and what you’re about.  Here are 2 of my personal favorite marketing tool to begin generating new business:

  1.   Farm your neighborhood with personalized home valuations.  Carve out a niche market; maybe it’s the neighborhood where you live or the area surrounding the school where your kids attend.  Identify the homes that haven’t sold in the last say 15+ years and create a personalized home valuation.  At Leading Edge, our agents have access to a great tool through Moxi Present.  You can also do this through the MLS.  Make sure to print in color, bind it and send it with a personal note offering to provide a free consultation. 

  2. Advertise through Adwerx.  Adwerx is an online retargeting advertising tool that makes agents look like they’re EVERYWHERE!  For a nominal fee, you can invest in a zip code and be everywhere online.  Guaranteed you’ll run into people in the grocery store who will tell you they see you everywhere!

Alright, I could talk for hours about creative ways to stay top of mind and create brand awareness but wanted to give you just a few simple ideas. Stay tuned for the final episode on building your business plan when we’ll take a deep dive into revenue generating activities.  I’ll look forward to seeing you then!

That’s it for me today.  As always, if you like our Real Estate Marketing vlog, we’d LOVE it if you’d like, comment and share it, check us out at or like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.  Thanks so much everyone, enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll see on the next episode of Real Estate Marketing.


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