ENCORE!! Real Estate Marketing Episode 28: 3 Free Content Ideas




Hey Everyone!  It’s Christine George, President of Marketing at Leading Edge Real Estate with offices in Boston, Cambridge and all throughout Greater Boston.  Welcome to Episode 28 of Real Estate Marketing!

Today we’re going to build on Episode 26 where we talked about WHY to give away free content and I’m excited to share 3 real life examples of real estate professionals providing some amazing FREE content.


  1. Many of you remember the horrific damage that Hurricane Irma left behind in Florida. In this example, Sue “Pinky” Benson chronicled the hurricane and the affects it left on her hometown of Naples Florida. Through a series of videos, Sue let people know where to buy gas and groceries and she shared information about the damage and the rebuilding process.


  1. Lisa Escue in Trophy Club, Texas regularly films PSAs (public service announcements) for her SOI.  What I love about Lisa’s PSAs is that the information is timely and relevant.  In this example, Lisa is reminding her people about the importance of having the right homeowners insurance.  It was super timely because it was right after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.


  1. Pixie Mahtani has a regular “TV” spot where she provides up to the minute information on market conditions, mortgage updates and buying and selling strategies.In this example, Pixie partners with Mortgage Lender, Andrew Marquisand gives her buyers insights on closing strategies.

These are all great examples of video, and while I always encourage agents to use video, you can also provide tips, tools, information, checklists and ideas through images and posts.  The idea is that you’re putting yourself in front of your SOI, building your brand through YOU, your likeness, your voice, your stories and your ideas to attract the kind of customers YOU want to do business with!

That’s it for me today.  As always, if you like our Real Estate Marketing vlog, we’d LOVE it if you’d like, comment and share it, check us out at leadingedgeagents.com or like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.  Thanks so much everyone, enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll see on the next episode of Real Estate Marketing.

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