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1 in 12 homeowners is behind on their mortgage...

One of the cruelest consequences of the pandemic is that one in 12 homeowners is behind on their mortgage.


You are not alone. There are several possible solutions.


If there is a path to keeping your house, we’ll help you find it.


You need excellent and skilled guidance. There may be ways to reduce your payments or execute a loan modification.


People are suffering and it is not uncommon to be paralyzed in a tough situation.


The worst thing you can do…is nothing.


The second worst thing you can do…is not act until it’s too late and still lose your house.


The third worst thing you can do is…sell your home far below market value because you want a discreet transaction and you ran out of time to make the money you deserve.


We know how to help.


Beware of real estate predators who are licking their chops to find desperate homeowners who need to sell fast. There is a huge industry waiting to take advantage of you. They will make you an offer that is appealing because it is fast and convenient.  Those offers are drastically under market value (usually at a 30% discount) because they plan to sell it for top dollar and profit with the money that should be in your pocket.


If you don’t call us, please call a reputable agent who is familiar with the intricacies of your situation and has the contacts and expertise to help you.


Leading Edge agents know how to discreetly help you, your neighbor, friend or relative that has been put in this awful position because of the economic impact of the pandemic.


Take action. Make a call. Your information is confidential. We will find the best solution for you.

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